Tabbatha Henry


Last week, we were out to dinner with friends at the new Hen of the Wood in downtown Burlington.  The food was amazing, and the company was even better, but the restaurant décor is what really left an impression on me that night- more specifically, the Tabbatha Henry luminaries that filled the space.  Since Hen of the Wood is intentionally lit dimly, the addition of the luminaries really added an element of coziness and warmth to the overall atmosphere.  I love all of Tabbatha’s beautiful ceramics, but the Starry Sky luminaries might just be my favorite after seeing them in full effect.  Just as the name implies, it felt like we were outdoors enjoying a brightly lit night.

I was thrilled to see Hen of the Wood supporting a local artist; Tabbatha is a Vermont resident who has been working with clay since she was very young. She furthered her studies to become educated on the art form, and started Tabbatha Henry Designs in 2008.  Her work is hugely popular, and it is no surprise as to why; her delicate pieces are simple, yet make a big impact.  Now when I am home, I think about how beautiful it would be to fill our house with the same luminaries.  Probably not the most practical way to keep the house lit, but I think one or two would create the desired effect!

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